Sunday, March 4, 2012

My DIY record player TV stand

I bought this old record player from a thrift store for a steal, I decided to make it in to my TV stand. 
I first had to take it apart and clean it up and sand it down.
Then I decided to add textured wallpaper to the center panels

Then I got excited to finish and didn't take anymore pictures
But I painted it Heirloom White and added a brown glaze to it.
I also put brown burlap behind the speakers, I think it turned out AMAZING!
This is my FAVORITE piece of furniture!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sub for Santa

We have some beautiful little girls that moved into there Aunts basement with there mom because of the resent passing of there dad. The Aunt is a member of our church and me and the girls wanted to help them out this Christmas. So thanks to Pinterest we got the idea to make them a kitchen out of a old entrainment center!
It was SOOOOO fun!!!






Here are some of the pictures of the girls on Christmas morning :)
 We did the table too!
 Makes my heart happy:)