Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mason Jars!!

Today I want to talk about Mason Jars! 
Who doesn't LOVE Mason Jars?? 
I especially love the vintage blue ones:)
But as we all know they aren't as easy to come
After doing some research on Pinterest 
and other sites 
I found out that you can tint your own.
There were a few different suggestions on 
 how to do it.
So I decide to try some out and see which one 
worked the best.

First I went to the DI and found a bunch of 
jars for 50 cents!

Second cleaned them :)

The First mixture was: Glass paint and 
Acetone Nail Polish remover:

Put in all in the jar and mix it up. Then just 
"Swirl" the jar until the glass in covered. 
Tip up-side down and let dry.

Second mixture was Glass Paint:

I painted this on the outside of the jar. 
(I wanted this one water-proof) 
Tip up-side down to dry.

These two mixtures were a FAILURE!!

The best two that I found were:

1) Mod Podge, food coloring and a little 
bit of water.  
Mix it all together and "swirl the jar. 
Tip up-side down to dry.

2) Polyurethane (water based) and food coloring.

The Polyurethane is Water Proof!!! 
Bring on the Fresh Flowers :)

I LOVE how they turned out! Don't you? 


  1. The coolest idea ! Thanks ! When Avon had a beautiful blue mason jar, that lil' peach soaps came in, I bought a couple - I love em' to this day.


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