Friday, April 22, 2011

Can You Believe Your Eyes!!!

So you know when we teased you with my $2.00 thrift store  purse.........



 I spray painted the purse with my favorite paint, Rustoleum 2X coverage! I cut strips of material. Sewed  a running stitch down one side so it would gather. Then I glued them on a piece of felt in a circle trimmed the felt and hot glued the flower on the purse.  My only suggestion is don't buy a vinyl material purse. The paint has a hard time curring

I think I'am going to use it for my new church bag!!
What do ya think?

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  1. I LOVE this blog! SO awesome!!! This purse redo is fantastic!

  2. Totally eclectic chic! One of my favorite colors...

    Take care,