Thursday, June 2, 2011


So if you are anything like us ...we always have bags of clothes to take to the goodwill (DI). So why not recycle your old T-shirts.
Take a t-shirt and cut off the sleeves , just a the seam. don't cut the seam just right next to it.

 I took a small dinner plate and cut out the top of the shirt. Then turn it in-side out.
 Sew the bottom of the shirt and then turn it right side out.

Waaa-Laa You have a reusable grocery bag. a swim bag ,a soccer bag a whatever you want bag:)


  1. I adore your blog and all your ideas!!! WOW, so awesome!

  2. WOW!!!!! love the idea, now you are sewing too!!! What can't you do???