Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The projects never end at our house.. Thats how we like it!

So my mom found this BEAUTIFUL mirror . She painted it this olive green and antiqued the edges , it looks amazing in her entry way! 

 My sister Kenadies room. My mom found that oval mirror and painted it black ... LOVE it!
 She also found this old desk and before it was a creamish  color ( not very cute) so she painted it black and painted the knobs pink! it looks great in my sisters room!
 She repainted this desk black ( are you seeing the black pattern?) and antiqued the edges 
 My moms AMAZING vintage mirror... 
 Black bird cage with a green "A"


  1. I love them all how cute i need to go with you to find stuff to put in my house!!!

  2. LOL sorry the Howard family is really Shawna White I am on Andrews aunts computer ha ha

  3. I'm in LOVE with the green mirror and the birdcage! What do you use to "antique" things? Do you use stains? Or just sanding?

  4. Birdy! we use both! we sometimes sand and then stain, or just stain...

  5. I know this is a few years old and I may not get a reply back, but I LOVE all the black and pink you have done! Is there any chance you recall the name of the paint you used?? Iv been looking up decor ideas for my daughters room (pink walls and black/zebra/paris decor) and im having the hardest time finding a good HOT PINK paint!
    Thanks for any help! :)